Forbes on the top skills for 2013

Late in 2012 a researcher at Forbes magazine posed the question “what workplace skills are most sought-after”, at least for the “top jobs” these days?

She answered this question by starting with a list of the top jobs – in the business world – for 2013 as determined by an earlier article in Forbes. Then she worked out the skills demanded for those jobs by analysing actual job advertisments.

The article isn’t very long, and it’s worth reading in full: The 10 skills that will get you a job in 2013.

The interesting thing is that all of the top three skills on the list are different aspects of critical reasoning ability (‘critical thinking’, ‘complex problem-solving’ and ‘judgement and decision-making’). And studying philosophy develops reasoning skills.

This might seem surprising to you, but what the Forbes writer found fits quite well with an analysis of the ‘GRE’ scores by major in the USA. (The GRE is the ‘Graduate Record Examination’ is a standard test used by most graduate schools at universities in the USA. Nearly 200,000 people take the tests every year.) What the most recent analysis of the results found was that Philosophy majors outperformed all the others. See Best Majors for GRE Scores in 2013: Philosophy Dominates.

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