Philosophy for Managers

Here is a somewhat interesting article, about a trend for including instruction in Philosophy for corporate managers in Switzerland. Here is a quotation:

A study carried out by Eric Davoine, one of the originators of this course, showed that people who had attended it had developed some new skills. They were more prone to introspection, which helped boost their self-confidence. They also showed an improved capacity to formulate concepts and were more able to question themselves, which made constructive criticism easier and made them more inclined to listen to others.

Unfortunately it isn’t very clear from the article what exactly the managers do on the retreat, or how they measured the gains from what they did. Some of the quoted comments suggest that what the managers gained was a kind of intellectual flexibility and clarity. And those are certainly philosophical virtues.

Read the full article: Socrates As Management Consultant? Why Executives Are Embracing Philosophy – All News Is Global

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