Philosophy and the workplace

The following posts on this site concern the vocational value of studying philosophy. (More articles will be added from time to time.):

Philosophy is useless, right? WRONG.

This post gives links to a number of articles in a variety of international newspapers and magazines (including the Times Higher Education Supplement, The Atlantic, Salon, The Economist, and Bloomberg Business Week) concerning the value of philosophy in the workplace.

Forbes on the top skills for 2013.

This post reports on an article in Forbes magazine about the skills demanded for the top jobs, and an analysis of the most recent GRE examinations in the United States, both showing the value of studying philosophy.

Philosophy for Managers.

This post links to a brief article about including Philosophy in Management training in Switzerland.

Employability and Philosophy – Update.

Some new links added in January 2014, including a link to the Open University guide about the market value of skills learned studying philosophy.

Recent articles about Philosophy and the Workplace.

New links added in November 2014, on the topic of philosophy and the workplace.

February 2015 – More on philosophy and employability.

(More links will be added from time to time.)


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